Does society favour BMW drivers just a little more than others?

Do BMW drivers have an unfair advantage?


Perhaps I am a little biased here, given the fact I am a BMW enthusiast and currently own two, one being an M sport model with just a little something extra under the hood. But hear me out.

I drive a VW product during the working week, most days, while the beast rests and I have to know my place in society when I do. For example, the right lane (BMW lane is the correct term) on the motorway is just a pipe dream. I dare not venture there for too long for fear of a BMW riding my bumper!

If I want to become invisible to the opposite sex, there’s no better way than to drive the Vivo.

Cars are quick to get out of my way when I ride the fast lane. Don’t get me wrong. I consider myself a courteous driver and would never go out of my way to bully anyone on the road. With great power does come a greater responsibility after all. I guess my beast must look an intimidating sight in any rear view mirror with those angel eyes glowing.

Still not convinced? OK, consider this. I often don’t sign in at security when entering the premises of the clients I visit when driving the BMW. A simple greeting is all it takes to enter.

On the other hand, I have always had to sign a register, sometimes stopping short of providing a DNA sample after being interrogated by security at these check points when driving the VW. Coincidence? I think not!

Car guards are much quicker to help me out of a tight parking space when I’m in the BMW. This is quite the irony given that the BMW is equipped with a visual park distance control.

Life is immeasurable better when viewed from my BMW cockpit.

Yes I am a die hard BMW enthusiast!



I guess this picture sums it all up quite nicely.


And so does this one 🙂

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