I hate those “real man” memes with a passion!

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Before I even begin to talk about this pet hate of mine, let me show you the memes I am referring to, and yes, I hate the “real woman” ones too!


Now let me tell you why I hate these with a passion:

I stand for all that is true, fair, just, and honest. I believe in each to his or her own and I am extremely open minded. These memes, while appearing to be speak about good qualities in a man, are, simply put, extremely biased and discriminatory, in my opinion.

Let’s break it down. What these memes are really¬†telling us is that everyone who does not fit into someone’s extremely biased and subjective view of what constitutes a real man, is, by inference, FAKE! Yes, FAKE!

Am I now a fake man because I don’t pray? Or does it mean that I am fake because I love more than one woman? I think not!

Could these memes have been created by women?

I honestly think so. I think many memes of this nature are created as a result of a woman’s bad relationship experience with a particular man or men and now feels that she can dictate to the rest of mankind what, in her narrow view, constitutes a real man!

Irrespective of the reasons, I find these memes to be just wrong!


4 thoughts on “I hate those “real man” memes with a passion!”

  1. I was reading and agreeing until the part that said women create these memes and it’s because of bad relationships.. I’ve seen the “eating bones” meme shated by dozens of men.. “Real Men Follow Curves” blah blah blah.. it’s people in general that have a skewed view of what a real man or real woman is

    1. @ Lucille As much as I hate those real man posts, i strongly disapprove of the real women posts too!
      In fact, i dislike any labeling of people.

      I fiercely believe that each and every person, man, woman or any other gender, is unique and real in their own special way. Labeling another as real or otherwise is actually a reflection on the one doing the labeling.

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