“If it’s meant to be” – Destiny or excuse?

Destiny – the belief that every thing which happens to us has been  predetermined. Fixed. Inevitable. Pre-ordained. It’s meant to be. Is it really? Have our relationships been already decided for us? Who we fall in love with? When? Will it last? Are our fortunes already decided for us?


Quite frankly, I find this concept a little hard to digest! I feel that simply accepting things as they are and putting my own failures down to a simple “It was meant to be” is nothing more than making excuses for the outcome rather than questioning what I could have done better or differently to have yielded a more favourable result.

 Is destiny a matter of chance?


As I ponder destiny, I think back to my lowly beginnings. What if I had just accepted my lot in life without question? Would I still be living in my little seaside hometown going about my mundane existence simply because “it was meant to be” dreaming about someday winning the lottery? Probably, yes.

Thank goodness I did not! I chose to be more! I refused to accept mediocrity and I never will.

I am the master of my fate


I decided that I wanted more so I set about accomplishing just that. I was not one of the lucky ones born with a silver spoon in my mouth, but I could not let that stop me or use it as an excuse.

Instead of excuses, I endured hungry days and loneliness in pursuit of my goals.

Over that last few years I have accomplished every goal which I had set for myself. I have traveled extensively, flown in every type of aircraft and taken flying lessons. I drive the cars I want. I have books published. I have a home which boasts a cinema, gym and vineyard.

Does it stop there? Is this my destiny? My “meant to be”?

Of course not! I have set myself new goals and targets and I will go about accomplishing those too, no matter what!

Each to their own

I am not seeking to ridicule anyone for thinking differently on this subject. These are MY thoughts and I accept that others may disagree, but if I have at the very least inspired you to question the conventional, then I have achieved something.