I hate those “real man” memes with a passion!

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Before I even begin to talk about this pet hate of mine, let me show you the memes I am referring to, and yes, I hate the “real woman” ones too!


Now let me tell you why I hate these with a passion:

I stand for all that is true, fair, just, and honest. I believe in each to his or her own and I am extremely open minded. These memes, while appearing to be speak about good qualities in a man, are, simply put, extremely biased and discriminatory, in my opinion.

Let’s break it down. What these memes are really¬†telling us is that everyone who does not fit into someone’s extremely biased and subjective view of what constitutes a real man, is, by inference, FAKE! Yes, FAKE!

Am I now a fake man because I don’t pray? Or does it mean that I am fake because I love more than one woman? I think not!

Could these memes have been created by women?

I honestly think so. I think many memes of this nature are created as a result of a woman’s bad relationship experience with a particular man or men and now feels that she can dictate to the rest of mankind what, in her narrow view, constitutes a real man!

Irrespective of the reasons, I find these memes to be just wrong!