I believe I can fly

I was caught between a rock and a hard place. To remain meant accepting mediocrity and nothing would change. Is this what I really wanted out of life? Always dreaming about what could be? Surely I was destined for greater things?

Leaving my hometown behind and journeying to the big city was the most frightening thing I have ever done! It was literally a one way trip for me. I had enough money for fuel to get me there.

There was no cushy job waiting for me either, only the knowledge of a vacancy at an electronics distributor. A position for a stores picker.

A difficult decision

What where my choices anyway? Tongaat was a lovely little seaside town but it was just that. It was little! There weren’t many opportunities there in terms of building a career. I had tried.

To leave home meant leaving behind my friends and family. It meant leaving my safety net and venturing into the unknown. I had never been away home before.

I believe I can fly

My little kit bag of clothes and a Sputnik hand washing machine were safely packed into the boot of my car.

I said my goodbyes. Quick goodbyes. It was time to begin my journey and face my destiny. It was time to step up.

I felt a combination of homesickness and fear mixed with excitement as I set out into the night on the long drive to Pretoria.

I drew inspiration from R Kelly’s song – I believe I can fly, which I had on repeat for most of the trip. His words gave me encouragement for all the challenges which lay ahead.

The sun had risen by the time I had finally reached my destination heralding the start of a new day and a new beginning.