About Yusuf R Shaik

The South African born Yusuf R Shaik is an inventor, adventurer, jet-setter and full time certified engineer working in the technology field who has a passion for writing science fiction stories based on scientific probability.

A brief history

Yusuf hails from the picturesque little seaside town of Tongaat, on the north coast of Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, where he spent his childhood and early adult life. He graduated from Tongaat Secondary school and went on to study electronics & digital systems at Omnitec Institute before settling in Pretoria, Gauteng where he continued to study electrical engineering at Technikon SA while also pursuing a career in the same field.

Adventuring & Jet-setting

During the course of his busy professional career, Yusuf has travelled extensively across South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa on projects meeting a myriad of interesting people and experiencing a host of adventures, from finding himself on the business end of AK-47s in Nigeria to being detained in Tete, Mozambique.

Writing believable science fiction

All Yusuf's books are initially written on his old Blackberry Bold mobile device, usually during bouts of insomnia, before they are complied & assembled on his laptop.

The characters in his books are almost always based on the personalities of people he knows or has met, whilst the futuristic technologies are based on real scienctific concepts which can stand up to scrutiny.

The fictitious Oceanview in his Equinox series is based on his hometown, Tongaat.

All Yusuf's books are available in paperback and Kindle formats from his Amazon page.