• Equinox: Beginnings

    Book 1: Earth, 2291. Boy genius Jason King has been sentenced to life aboard the prison ship, Equinox. Using his new found powers he escapes, sparking a race to build the world's first FTL drive on board & flee the solar system.

  • Equinox: The rise of Jason

    Book 2: Weilding superior Earth technology, Jason King transforms the once medieval planet, Carac, into a super power. He becomes a hero to the people and a close friend to the king, but Jason has his sights set on the throne.

  • Equinox: The return to Earth

    Book 3: Jason King has been dealt a sever blow with the destruction of the Equinox & the death of the woman he loved. With revenge on his mind it's time to return home, to Earth.

  • Equinox: Trilogy

    The first three books in the Equinox series as a single publication.